Twushi is where Twitter meets Sushi.

The first Halifax #Twushi night was Feb. 26th 2009 – at Minato Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Halifax, NS.

This name/concept was started during a Twitter conversation in reaction to the whole “Tw-ifying” of words (due to the growing popularity of Twitter). A few of us wanted a tweet-up for sushi. So, as a joke – the sushi tweet-up obviously was named, Twushi! These continued to be held semi-regularly through early 2009 but as the popularity grew, so did the request for more regular Twushi events.

Now, Twushi events are normally held in the first week of each month, at a local Sushi Restaurant, in Halifax or Dartmouth. These are arranged by vote, suggestion or Twitter Poll of Twushi goers, normally the week prior to the event.

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