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Twushi Turns Five!

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That’s correct – 5 years!

Where did the time go? Obviously, twitter was new, sushi restaurants were popping up in Halifax & Dartmouth and the planets aligned for the first Twushi in February, 2009.
Here we are in 2014 and how can you not notice that Genji Sushi in Dartmouth, has been getting rave reviews on Yelp, Trip Advsor, Urban Spoon and in The Coast.Genji Sushi provides an All-You-Can-Eat Menu (all FRESH TO ORDER), including Sushi, Sushi Rolls, Tempura, plus a large variety of grilled and deep-fried items! Check out their Facebook page for all the details:

This should be a great reunion and a place for NEW Twushi fans to join! Book now and get ready to roll!

Twushi v5.1

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Nothing says “toasty warm” like a cosy evening with; local tweeps, sushi, hot saki, chilled sapporo or spicy wasabi! It’s another Winter Twushi – as we welcome in the next 12 months of Twushi for 2014!

If you’re a Twushi fan from way back – you know the drill. If you’re a Twushi noobie – have no fear, plenty of good people and expert advice on the best sushi dishes awaits. Heck – you don’t have to order to sushi if you don’t want to!

Now’s the time to book your seat(s)!

See you at Tako Sushi & Ramen – for a fun night and some of the tastiest sushi in town!

It’s a very Twushi Christmas!

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It’s the most Wasabi time of the year – and we know you’ll enjoy an evening of great sushi at the *NEW* Wasabi Asian Cuisine in Lower Sackville – with good (old and new) twitter friends!

If you haven’t heard already – the ‘Twushi Gag Gift’ event is a must! 

Make sure you bring an inexpensive (under $5 and possibly sushi themed) pre-wrapped gift! (Protip: The dollar store has some great ideas!)

Join our very own Twushi Santa, as he distributes your gifts and much Twushi merriment! 
It’s always a fun night, with twitter, smartphones and sushi!

Get into the festive spirit with Twushi – but book your tickets quickly, there is a Waitlist, as they will sell-out!

The Twushi v4.11 (November) Countdown!

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Twushi v4.11

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Almost the last Twushi event of 2013 … a chilling thought? Hardly! It’s a great time to relax and enjoy the warmth that is always experienced when the Twushi crowd gets together!

November 12th, 2013

Book your seat(s) well in advance now at:

Don’t miss the return of Wasabi House and remember, “Keep Calm and Twushi on!”


Great night for both Elections & #Twushi in Halifax!

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Nice to see Sean Williams @SWMGroup make it to his first Twushi and have Anita Hovey @anitahovey join us again – along with a few of our regular gang! Although it was a quiet night at Hamachi Kita, they out-did themselves with great sushi (and non-sushi meals) plus, some fun surprises on our plates!

First David Lewis @uniondesign surprised us all with a little yellow pig …


Then Darrin received this rather ornate bird of paradise guarding his plate of specialty sushi rolls …


A great night of Politics and Twushi – even if you don’t agree with the election results and bad voter turn-out. Sheesh.

See you in early November – to allow you all the time to organise your dates well in advance, here is the link to the November Twushi (v4.11) booking on Eventbrite:

Clarification of our next Twushi Event

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Due to an unexpected administrative error, the dates for the November 2013 Twushi Event were used to promote the current (October) event.

October Twushi v4.10 – Tuesday October 8th (HAMACHI KITA 10% on Food)
November Twushi v4.11 – Tuesday November 12th (WASABI HOUSE 10% pay cash)

Apologies to anyone who was confused or was subject to personal injury or emotional stress due to our oversight.

We will, however (due to public demand) be opening registration early for the November Twushi event. Keep your clicking fingers and mouse ready to secure your Twushi v4.11 tickets … soon!

Twushi 4.10 … Fall Twushi!

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Twushi v4.9

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Twushi v4.6 Review!

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We had a great turn-out to the last event (apart from a couple of people who missed the email invite, sorry) at a NEW location in Clayton Park, Tako Sushi & Ramen! And what a meal it was – lots of space (for the Twushi crowd), great service, fantastically tasty sushi, an interactive chef (who made Sushi to order) and lot’s of fun! We will be back in August – and will provide a $5
Discount for early seat bookings! Check out the website – and in the meantime, get ready for a return to Wasabi House in July!


Great #Twushi crowd!